Can I share something with you guys? It’s the shoegaze Iggy Pop band of your dreams. Why? Because they’re all cuties and their sound is what’s missing from current musical landscape of 2015.  It’s moody, powerful and therapeutic. Here’s a video I made for them from their latest release, “Soft Chains”.



photo by Brittany Constance

My first priority in Berlin was to make a b line to the only Ramones Museum in the world. I wasn’t even aware that there was such a thing before I booked my ticket to Germany. I just had a strong intuition that there was probably some sort of dedicated obsession to The Ramones so I googled “Ramones Berlin” and then… How do you describe the moment of finding your true destiny feels like? You can’t.

I spent half my day there, which really felt like maybe 45 minutes. There was so much random and amazing shit that I could immerse myself in. Then I found out that I could buy any of the Danny Fields prints right off the wall. I just had to. I went with “Joey Bonding With a Dog” (observation also by Danny Fields). The cafe girls called the owner, Flo Hayler, because everything is heavily screwed into the walls and he’s the only person that keeps the designated museum screw driver. He showed up and we started to make small talk about the museum and then I realized that I was talking to the only human being I’ve ever met who personally knew the Ramones and actually grew up with them. I told him it was imperative to my girlhood to ask him a lot of annoying questions about his German Ramones experience and the evolution of his worthy hoarding hobby.

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